Namero – GF Chopped Mackerel Sashimi

This is a local fisherman’s dish in Chiba.  The story behind the origin of this name “Namero” is that it was so irresistibly tasty that fishermen couldn’t help but to eat it all and even lick the plate as the word “Namero” means “licking” in Japanese.
In fact, it’s super tasty, and it really goes well with sake or white-wine.
Make sure to pick the fresh fish to avoid food poisning.

☆Ingredients(1 serving):

  1. 4.2 oz of Mackerel
  2. 1 oz of Leek
  3. 0.3 oz of Ginger
  4. 0.45 oz of Japanese Ginger
  5. 0.3 oz of Garlic
  6. 5 Shiso leaves


  1. 1 oz of Miso Paste


1. Cut mackerel into thin slices and chop rougly.  I wish I was good enough at this to show you how to cut fish but I need a lot more practice, so, instead, please watch this amazing youtube video by Tsukiji Osakana Club(It’s in Japanese but it will walk you though the whole processes so you should be able to see and understand).

2. Dice leek, ginger, Japanese Ginger, garlic and shiso leaves as shown in the pic.

3. Put aside all the ginger, some portion of Japanese ginger and Shisho leaves aside for decoration.

4. Add mackerel and miso onto the cutting board and chop thoroughly.

5. Put it on a plate nicely and enjoy it with soy sauce.  It is optional, but I recommend to add a little bit of vinegar to Soy sauce.

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