GF Onion and Tomato Salad with Shiokoji Dressing

This is the easiest recipe I’ve ever made since I had started this website, yet it turned out to be a success.
I was invited over to my friend’s house near my apartment.  He and his wife found some interest in my cooking and asked if it would be OK if they ask me to come over and cook for them since they can’t leave the house becuse of their soon-to-be one year old kid.  It was, of course, my pleasure: it’s always so much fun to cook for my friends and see their happy faces.
Another recipe I’ve made for them was Nikudango(This is yet my best recipe; as for the recipe please watch my previous post), they were astonished, so I gotta say that this salad was a perfect side dish.  I had so much fun at their house.  Thank you very much Okayu(my friend) having me over!



  1. Some Onions
  2. Some little Tomatos


  1. Some Shiokoji

I have found an amazing website(just one cookook) explaing about Shiokoji and how to make it.

“Shio koji  (塩麹, 塩糀) is a natural seasoning used to marinate, tenderize, and enhance the umami, or richness (one of the five basic tastes) in foods.  It’s made of just a few simple ingredients: salt, water and rice koji.

Rice koji (米こうじ, 米糀, 米麹) is steamed rice that has been treated with koji mold spores (Aspergillus oryzae, koji-kin 麹菌, or koji starter).   Koji is a specific strain of mold that has been cultured over the centuries.”

Please visit the website for the further information.


1. Cut Onions and soak in the water for a little while.

2. Cut Tomatos.

3. Take the Onions out of the water and microwave about 20 secs to suppress the spciness.

4. Put Onions and Tomatos into a bowl and mix with Shiokoji.

5. Put them on a plate.


Okayu came up with an idea and sprinkled some Korean Seaweed, and it panned out!!

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